Why do people choose golf as sport?

And why should more women start playing!

Most women go in for sports to feel better and look more attractive. Exercise makes women more energetic and confident. But still, the most important motive for playing sports is healthy.

Golf improves motor and cognitive skills, since during a game a golfer needs good coordination and an eye, and it is also important to quickly adapt after a new hit to a new game situation.

Sport plays an important role in the lives of girls and young women. Many people involved in golf say that they meet new people during training. About half say that golf helps them maintain a positive mood, and 59% of women with physical activity cope with stress and irritability.

It is in this game that you will find inner balance and complete peace of mind. The reality is that you will never hit the hole until you calm your thoughts, your mind, and body. There will always be something in your way to hitting the target, even at close range, if harmony does not reign in your head. Golf is a meditation and an opportunity to know yourself.

Six Reasons to Play Golf

  1. Golf is beautiful and even feminine game.
  2. Golf is a separate world in which there have been rules since 1744. And everyone should observe these rules: young and old, poor and rich, beautiful and ordinary, famous and not so. The basic rule works: if you train a lot and play, you achieve results and win. You can’t cheat: only a beginner thinks that no one will notice a lie during the game when counting strokes.
  3. Golf is a healthy lifestyle.
    There is nothing more rewarding and more natural than walking in the fresh air. When playing golf, you walk about 12 kilometers in five hours. People with any physical fitness can play golf.
  4. Golf is a great way to make new friends.
    Playing golf gives you the opportunity to make friends and acquaintances around the world. For example, your golf club has 600 members. These are doctors, lawyers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs. And all of them can become your good friends. When playing, you live a small life with partners for five hours.
  5. New travels.
    Tourism is a separate area in the golf industry. As soon as you start playing, you will want to travel in different fields.
  6. Of course, sport also unites family.
    Despite the apparent simplicity and relaxation, playing golf is a serious workout, during which all muscles of the body are properly worked out. During the standard 18 hole game, which lasts about four and a half hours, the player overcomes a distance of at least 10 km, and walking is considered one of the most balanced types of physical activity.

Women and Golf

Women first made themselves known in 1950, when the Women’s Professional Golf Association was established. Since then, women’s golf has become increasingly popular, prestigious tournaments are held, the prize pools of which are growing from year to year. The women’s association has its own rating, its own rules, its own champions. The most intelligent, beautiful and talented women in the world are fond of golf.

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