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Golf talk with Olivia Cooke

Interview with Oliva Cooke about golf and her dreams. Read our interview below

Olivia Cooke

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Tell me a bit about yourselves and how you got into golf?

I started golf at the age of 4 due to my dad introducing the game to me.  From there I was hooked and knew I wanted to become a professional golfer.

What is your goal with golf?

My goal is to build myself as a golf brand.  I hope to own my own academies one day and build myself up with playing and coaching.  My dream job in the industry is to become a golf TV presenter, so I hope that building myself up in the industry, i may fall upon a great opportunity.

How do you think we can get more women to start playing golf?

I personally think the sport is not targeted to enough women. I feel that if brands promoted the sport as a womens sport as well as mens and create clothing that entices women to play and products that engage women, this would make more women want to play the game. I feel marketing could be improved throughout brands and I also feel that if women could go onto the golf course feeling relaxed and comfortable in their own attire, then they would warm to the sport a lot more.

What is your greatest golf moment?

Getting onto the PGA course to become a fully qualified pro.

What is your favorite club in your bag?


How much do you travel for golf?

I travel a little bit. I used to live in Dubai with my family and we travel back there quite a bit to play golf.

What is your favorite course to play?

Emirates Majlis in Dubai is my favourite course.

Did you manage to make a hole in one yet?

Not yet, but I feel one coming very soon.

Do you have other hobbies besides golf?

I entered a parent called Miss England last year and reached the finals. I will be entering again this year too. The reason I got into this was due to my dad winning MR UK in 1996.

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Olivia Cooke

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