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Yoga for golfers with Nicolegolf

Meditation can make you a better and happier golfer

Nicolegolf is a golf lifestyle brand that is creating positive content for your body, mind. Our content is centred around Golf, Yoga, Travel, Lifestyle. Since our launch we have grown to over 48 thousand followers on Instagram and have inspired and been inspired by so many golfer, from all over the world.
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β€œDoing a little yoga each day makes a big difference. Spend 10 to 15 minutes daily on these poses to stretch your spine, hamstrings, and hips. Ask your body what position it really needs today.”

Improve your Swing: Mobility, Flexibility, Balance

As we all know, yoga has many benefits for your body and mind. Golf is a body-mind sport. Many golfers are playing with some kind of pain, don`t have enough flexibility, strength or stamina to uphold the precise and repetitive movements. The physical and mental prowess necessary for the game as well as to prevent injury and pain.

Yoga exercises easy to do at home or anywhere during your travel. Takes only 15-20 minutes every day and it can improve your golf game in long term. Increase your flexibility, balance throw a yoga program for golfer. The best if you prepare your mind and body prior to play before a round of golf.

Play Zen Golf with daily meditation

Bringing your attention back toΒ theΒ present is the key of a good game. Each time you feelΒ yourΒ mind wandering you need to stay focused. After a bad shot we both know how important to stay present and calm. Meditation help you to find balance, focus and increase concentration, help for reach better mental and physical performance. MeditationΒ allowsΒ golfersΒ to check their thoughts and clear their mind.

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