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Golf interview with Sadie Dewinton-Davies

Sadie Dewinton-Davies

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Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into golf?

I am originally from Wales! Yay! I started playing golf around the age of 12. My two brothers started playing a little while before me. I would go to the range and course with them and then decided I wanted to join in with them (try to beat them haha). From there I went on to play for my home country and then go to the US for a Golf Scholarship at a D1 university.

Did you manage to make a hole in one?

YES! I have 4. Although they were all a few years ago so waiting for the day to get another one.

How much do you travel for golf?

A LOT! I have been so fortunate. Playing for Wales and competing on my own, I was able to travel the UK and most of Europe. Then going to the US where I travelled around numerous states. I have a scratch map to keep up. You get to meet so many people while at events and then have connections all over the world.

If you could choose one player to play a round with, who would it be?

TIGER WOODS! When I started to play, Tiger was the highlight. His name was everywhere and of course I played the Tiger Woods game! I may as well tell you my dream 4-ball. Me (obvs), Tiger, Rickie and Rory.

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Sadie Dewinton-Davies

My Favourite Golf Outfit

  • Dress by OlayaSport
  • Golf handbag by OrcaTrend
  • Golf Shoes by – Lambda
  • Trainers (to change into) – Ducadelcosma

What do you think of Women’s golf clothing?

I think that women’s golf clothing is doing great! There are so many brands that are adapting to more and more women playing the sport. There are brands that are creating fashionable yet comfortable clothes for women golfers. Most are from brands of golfers themselves so they know what is needed in golf wear. A few examples are from my Favourite Outfit. OlayaSport creates golf dresses. They fit amazing and so comfortable yet with pockets to make them practical. Then, Orcatrends has created a bag with so much space and practicality. Orca is not just for women but they have created numerous styles to choose from and colours to make it your own. Also, with golf fashion as a whole changing it is adding more styles and options

How do you think we can get more women to start playing golf?

I think golfing groups through social media are great ways to get women together to join up and play a round together. This makes it possible to play with all levels of golfers. Clubs could also host more fun tournaments and ladies clinics to be more accepting to women. There is such a huge stereotype of just men playing golf and this should be changed a bit. I love watching the majors but Womens majors should also be broadcasted just as much. Maybe then, some men may realise they would get beat by ‘girls’.

What is your goal with golf?

I am looking to play golf professionally, and eventually play on the LPGA Tour.

Follow Sadie Dewinton-Davies on Instagram

Follow Sadie Dewinton-Davies on Instagram

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