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Short Q&A with Morgan Ashley

Golf Cuties - Morgan Ashley

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Must haves in your golf bag? 

SPF, bug repellent, chapstick, sunglasses, Sriracha key chain, and good ol’ Mary Jane 🍃

Favorite beverage to sip on the course?

Beer or Tequila with sparkling water

Snack bar picks?

Hot dog w/ yellow mustard please 🌭

Favorite golf club?

The putter is my lover! I always make up for my swings on the putting green  ⛳️

Do you keep score? 

Hell no! Where’s the fun in that? 🤓

Foursome or twosome?

Definitely a twosome! Me and the hubby love golfing together ️‍️️‍️‍🏌️‍♀🏌️‍♂️

He is also a fantastic photographer 😉

How did you start golfing?

My now-husband and I started golfing while we were dating and I fell in love with the whole concept… cold drinks, sunshine, and driving a golf cart. It’s a blast 🤪

Golf Cuties - Morgan Ashley

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