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Alexandre d’Archambeau – Aiming to inspire other female golfers β™₯️🏌️

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How many hole in ones have you made so far?

I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old but never had the pleasure/luck to make a hole in one. It’s on my bucket list!

What is your favorite course to play?

I love playing in the Algarve in Portugal. I think my favorite course there would be San Lorenzo.

If you could choose one golf player to play a round with, who would it be?

Bryson DeChambeau. We almost share the same last name (D’Archambeau)!

What is your favorite golf brand?


What is your favorite golf outfit?

My grey Footjoy skirt with my pink top over it, wearing FJ white Premiere Series shoes.

Who is your golf role model and why?

I would say both my parents but especially my dad. They got me into golf this early and I’m eternally grateful for that. My dad used to be a really good player and I still have the ambition to become as good as him.

What is your greatest golf moment?

I once played the Interclubs finals of my club and I had about 50 people watching me play towards the end. Playing with a crowd is pretty amazing and I will never forget that feeling!

What is your most embarrassing golf moment?

Luckily I’ve never fell into the water but let’s say it almost happened… a lot (which is embarrassing enough).

What is your favorite club in your bag?

My Iron 7 rarely lets me down.

How many yards is my average drive?

192m which is about 210y.

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