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This or that with Therese Holland

Who am I?
I am Therese Holland. I’m originally from the Washington DC Metropolitan area. I’m Asian European descent. My main trait I would emphasize is my creativity. It makes me a strong problem solver, artist, golfer, and stylist. I have a bachelors and masters degree in STEM. Consistently learning, I focus on getting better at anything I set as a goal. I strive for success.

Therese Holland golf

How did I get into golf?
During my childhood, we watched football, baseball, and golf. My father was a golf fanatic. My dad started playing with his mother. I had never met her. Learning made me feel closer to my father and grandmother.

Being part Asian like Tiger Woods, it was the one sport where I saw Asian American representation at the time with major popularity. My dad was a huge Tiger fan. I wouldn’t have considered myself a fanatic at the time. I picked it up again when my best friend started playing avidly. It faded out as I started progressing in my career. I still played from time to time but not often. Before COVID-19 Pandemic started, I picked it up again. Since then, I’ve been making an effort to progress.

Therese Holland golf

This or That with Therese Holland

If you only have time for one, your pre-round warm-up is at the driving range or putting green?

Driving Range, although I should really hit the putting green more often.


Would you rather Play by the book or fair and loose?

● Play by the book… mostly.


Would you rather never three putt again or never miss another fairway?

● Never three putt again.


Would you rather drive it..(As long as Brooks Koepka or as accurate as Zach Johnson)

● As long as Brooks Koepka.


Would you rather make a hole in one or an albatross?

● Albatross, it’s statistically less likely to occur.


If you had to choose, would you rather forget your golf glove or golf shoes?

● Forget my glove, it is readily available in a proshop. I usually have an extra somewhere in my car.


Would you rather have free service or free golf balls during a round?

● Free service!


Which two events would you rather attend? (The Masters or Ryder Cup)

● The Masters because I grew up watching with my father.


Would you rather drink water or beer between every golf shot?

● Water, I’m not a big beer drinker.


If you have to choose, would you rather play a round in your bikini or snowshoe?

● Bikini, snowshoes would be impossible and uncomfortable.

Therese Holland golf

What’s next?
My next goal is to start expanding my presence and build on my brand. I’ve created a website to blog and reach out to new opportunities. I’ve expanded my platform to twitter, youtube, and tiktok as well. I’m currently identifying new content to create and post.

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