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What type of golfer are you?

Together with Megan Rose Conder we have collected several photos and answers to figure out how golfers prefer to play and dress up for a golf round? Compare yourself with others below.

Megan Rose Condor is born and raised in Bay Area and started golfing at the age of 6. She played her whole life and received a scholarship to play for the University, where she graduated in 2018.
Since then she has moved to Arizona and Megan just began her first season as a professional golfer. Check out Megan on her Instagram here or visit her website at

  • Golf glove?

    • Glove in backpocket
    • Glove in frontpocket!
    • Never take the glove off!
    • Do not use a golf glove
  • Golf cap or na?

    Megan Rose
    • Always – keep it pro!
    • Nah, it will mess up my hair!
  • Regular or fat grip?

    • I prefer the classic
    • The fat grip gives me the birdies
  • Golf skirt or shorts?

    • Skirt any day
    • Short is best
  • Carry or ride?

    • Carry all day long!
    • Ride – I love my golf cart
  • Morning or Sunset round?

    • Morning – love to get up early!
    • Sunset for sure – I like my bed to much!
  • Warm up before golf?

    • Never warm up!
    • Both the range and putting green
    • Only the range!
    • I just need to putt a bit!